Here, in this article I am going to share you the top and incredible ways to earn money with the help of blogging. As you want to write blogs or you are writing blogs already so that you can earn money. But you don’t know how to make money from blog, than read this full article you will get to know the ways by which you can monetize your blogging site and earn tones of money. So read this article to know about how to make money from blog.

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What Is Blogging And How To Start Blogging

Blogs consist of a series of posts made by one or more bloggers. The posts appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post at the top of the main page. Readers can browse these pages and they can read them and collect information from that posts.

Well blogging is a collection of posts in a particular nich which is written by one or more bloggers which readers can access and read easily and they can collect the information from that blog. Read more about blogging click here

You can start blogging from free as well as paid resources.

You can purchase your own domain and web hosting or you can start writing blogs on blogger for free click here to know more.


One writes blogs on specific niche and he targets best readers for his blog post so, his site gets traffic, means he creates audiences who reads his blogs. It means he has a audience network, people listen to him and follow him. Now on the other hand there are a lot more brands who want to promote their products among people. So, brands looks for those persons who has great audience and good amount of followers, so that they can promote their products with the help of those bloggers and influencers who has great audience network and followers. For promoting their products brands pay money to influencers and bloggers. That was just the one way by which a blogger can earn money, but keep in mind there are a lot more ways by which bloggers can make money to know about them keep reading this article.



You have just read one way by which blogger can make money now it is the time to tell you more ways by which a blogger can make money.

  1. Google AdSense you can earn money by putting ads on you website. You can put ads on your site with the help of Google AdSense. Google AdSence provide you the option to show variety of ads on your site. You can choose the best ad format for your site or you can choose automatic ads so, that google adsense can place best ads on your site according to your site structure.
Few ad examples for your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing you can earn money with the help of affiliate marketing. You can promote products like (Softwares, clothing, laptops, mobile phones, etc) offered by other brands, so that you can get commission for promoting affiliate based products. There are lot more products which provide you commission up to 10-20% of their total value. You can earn a heavy commission with the help of affiliate marketing. And you can generate up to 1000+ dollars in a month by promoting affiliate based products.

Some of the best affiliate programs which you can join today are AmazonAssociates, ClickBank, ShareSales, Affbank, Ebay Partner Network

Well you are reading about how to make money from blog so my job is to tell you every possible ways which are helpful in making money by writing blogs.

3. Selling your own products, You can Sell your own products to generate revenue. You can sell E-books, videos courses, or you can start your own E-commerce website to sell your products.there are lot more things which you can sell online. What you need is dedication.

4. Products reselling The best and easy way to make money is product reselling. You can resell other brands products at your own margin for it you can create you own digital store and upload the products which you want to resell and you can resell them at you own margin. You can use payment gateways such as razorpay to collect payments.

Best product reselling apps and sites which you can join today
  1. Meesho
  2. Shop101
  3. Shopmatic
  4. Glow Road

Note, Product Reselling is completely different from affiliate marketing, In affiliate marketing you get fixed commission which brands decide for promoting their products (different brands give different commission depends on brands how much they want to pay on for promoting their products), but in product reselling you can sell products on your own margin.

5. By offering online Consulting, you can offer online consulting to other business, in return you can charge them. You can create you own consulting website and start your business.

5. Online Coaching Classes, If you are passionate about teaching you can take online classes, you can teach online in which you are expert. And your student will pay fee for joining your coaching classes.

I am reveling the top ways which solves your query “how to make money from blog?”.

Potential of Blogging.

Blogging Has tremendous potential in 2020, if you only will write blogs which solves the queries which people search on search engines and only if you will put ads on your site. You will easily generate $500-$1000 or more by just doing it. What you need is properly formated and useful content on your site. And some dedication. You can start blogging and you can earn tones of money by just writing blogs you have a lot more options with blogging.


In this article I have shared with you the top ways to earn money from blogging, so that you can start writing blogs and start earning money. But keep in mind you need good quality content and good marketing strategies. Which can help you in reaching to the peak of blogging where you can earn tones of money. I have described you the possible ways by which you cam earn. But there are lot more ways to earn money from blogging.

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