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Think of one who is earning more than a job by just writing blogs. If you also want be the one who wants to earn money as a blogger, read this full article. Inside this article you will get to know how to write blogs like a pro and how to start your carrier as a blogger. With this article I have an ebook for you which will give you in depth knowledge about starting your carrier as a blogger. You can take this article as your complete Blogging Guide, because with it I have an E-book for you which will give you in depth knowledge about blogging.

Because just in one article teaching you blogging is not possible. Blogging is vast topic and if you want to start your carrier as a blogger you have to learn it first, then you are ready to move ahead. So stick with this blogging guide.

What is Blogging?

well you want to start blogging, you will be familiar with blogging. But still I will make you understand that what the blogging is.

The term “blog” ,which refers to an online journal. Blogs began as personal mini sites that people used to record their opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos.

Blogs consist of a series of posts made by one or more bloggers. The posts appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post at the top of the main page. Readers can browse these pages and they can read them and collect information from that posts.

How To Start Writing Your Own Blogs?

you can start writing you own blogs in two ways. You can use free platform provided by, or you can buy your personal web hosting and web domain to start writing your blogs.

Which one is best Free or Paid platform to Start writing blogs?

Obviously paid one is better for you because using your own web hosting and website domain will be a gam changer for you. You can customize your website as you want. But with the blogger it’s not possible to customize our site as we want. If we buy website domain we can choose our own unique domain name instead of

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the name of your site. Means the address of your site. My site domain name is, if someone will search on google with this name he/she will reach on my site, because it is the address of my site. If you will enter this address you will reach on my site. The domain name of facebook is Basically domain name is the particular address on which site is registered. You can buy best domain for your site from Go-daddy or

What is Web-Hosting?

Web hosting is the Server for your site where you can store your site. All the files and your blogs stores there. You want to write blogs so you have to store your blogs and images or videos which you will use in your blogs on servers so that your site can be online 24*7 . Web hosting will do it for you. You have to purchase web hosting. You can get web hosting im cheaper prize from

What is Next?

After purchasing web domain and web hosting . Its time to setup your DNS (domain Name Servers ), To point out your domain to your web hosting so that your domain and your web hosting can communicate. Don’t worry if you think it is technical for you relax I have a video for you which will cover How to point DNS of siteground to godaddy so that you can easily do it. click to watch the video. In this blogging guide you will get to know everything step by step so, rlax about it.

Writing Your First Blog

For writing your blogs you can use wordpress. WordPress is the best CMS( Content Management System) and it it used to manage big and small sites as well, wordpress is a free to use CMS you can use it for free. If you are not don’t know coding you can write blogs very easily with the help of wordpress no coding skills required.

What is CMS(Content Management System)

Content Management System is a software or technology which is generally used to manage contents like blogs and pages. With the help of CMS content can be managed so rather. CMS is very easy to use software so that and user get GUI( Graphical User Interface) so, that working on CMS is quite easy in comparison to coding. No expertise required to use CMS but you have to learn it’s basics to use on it.

How to Learn WordPress?

You can learn Worpdress by own. Or you can purchase a dedicated course on worpdress, or you can learn it from youtube. It is very easy to learn. In this blogging guide I will cover up the topics which are essential for starting your carrier as a blogger. To teach you wordpress I have to create a dedicated course on it. For more refrence you can purchase our E-book “Blogging Essence” So, that you can get deeper knowledge about blogging because teaching you everything in just one article is not possible.

After Setting up all these things Now SEO comes. By learning SEO you can get organic visitors for your site.

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